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Virtual Doula

What is the Virtual Doula membership? 

Getting access to a Doula is not always easy, especially if you are leaving remotely. This is why I have created the Virtual Doula program. The aim of the membership is to bring down the barriers of accessing a Doula, Exercise Physiologist and Baby Sleep Consultant. At $29.99/month, this is a cost effective way of being able to access expert advice, feel supported and guided and have someone in your pocket (literally) who will answer any questions you have at any stage.  

What is included in the Virtual Doula membership? 

EVERY WEEK inside the Virtual Doula program you will have access to 

  • live pilates session to help with staying active and strong while also managing lower back, hip, neck pain and other common pain and niggles that come with pregnancy and lifting/playing with babies and toddlers

  • live Q&A to check-in with you and answer any questions about trying to conceive, pregnancy, postpartum, baby sleep and more 

  • fact sheets, videos, downloadable resources 

EVERY MONTH inside the Virtual program you will have access to 

  • prenatal workshop to chat about birthing rights, birth options, birth planning, postpartum planning, pain relief options, using gravity to your advantage in labour and more 

  • parenting workshop to chat about baby sleep, postpartum recovery after c-section and vaginal delivery, baby care, sleep during progressions/regressions and sickness and more 

There is consistently more resources added to the Virtual Doula Membership

Much more coming to the Virtual program including 

  • Guest speakers coming to chat about topics such as hypnobirthing, nutrition, return to work, career change, lactation and breastfeeding and more 

  • A library of bite-size videos about all topics pregnancy, exercise, baby sleep and more

  • Audio mini-series to be guided through preparing for conception, mind and body birth preparation, postpartum recovery and more

Who is the Virtual Doula membership for? 

Mums-to-be who.. 

  • wish to hire a birth or postpartum doula but can't justify the cost 

  • are feeling overwhelmed and unsupported through the hospital 

  • want help to manage lower back, hip pain and other niggles that come with pregnancy

  • are looking for a holistic and comprehensive birth education 

Mums who.. 

  • wish to hire a birth or postpartum doula but can't justify the cost 

  • are feeling lonely and are not sure who to turn to get answers 

  • need motivation to stay active and strong 

  • are having trouble with baby or toddler sleep 


The first 20 people to sign up will receive a FREE 1:1 60-minute call with me to discuss birth preparation, exercising in pregnancy, baby sleep, etc. 

  • Virtual Doula

    Every month
    Monthly membership
    • VIP group with all resources/recordings
    • Weekly live & recorded movement session
    • Weekly live & recorded check-ins/Q&A
    • All your questions answered
    • Live presence at least 2x a week, usually more
    • Monthly live & recorded parenting/postpartum workshop
    • Monthly live & recorded holistic birth preparation workshop
    • Continually growing library of resources
    • Pregnancy, birth, postpartum, baby sleep, doula resources
    • Social community with like-minded mums & mums-to-be
  • Busy but healthy

    Every week
    • 2x live exercise sessions EVERY WEEK
    • Access to library of recorded exercise sessions
    • WEEKLY live check-ins / Q&A
    • Community of like-minded women
    • COMING SOON - live guests speakers webinars
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