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At Triskwell we are offering exclusively online Exercise Physiology consultations; this means you can access the services of an Exercise Physiologist without leaving the comfort of your house, office or even during your holidays. 

To access our services all you need is: 

  • a computer or phone or tablet 

  • a stable internet connection 

  • any exercise equipment you may have access to and wish to use during your Exercise Physiology session (yoga mat, weights, elastic bands. There are also many exercises you can do without the need for equipment) 

To ensure that your session goes as smoothly as possible we recommend that you check your internet connection by clicking on the link here

It is recommended to have a download speed of minimum 2 Mbps and an upload speed of at least 2 Mbps.

You can also check that your microphone and camera are functioning well through the link hereTo ensure this link works best, it is recommended to use Firefox or Chrome internet browser. 

Initial consultation

Triskwell initial consultation

The initial consultation is a paid online one-on-one consultation which takes place after having completed our free health assessment. During this consultation, your Accredited Exercise Physiologist will gather a detailed medical history in order to highlight conditions, and potential past or present injuries and limitations, that will need to be considered when designing and delivering an individualised exercise program. The consultation will take up to 75 minutes and is broken down into three parts:

  • Recording detailed medical history

  • Assessing range of motion and basic physical capacity

  • Providing you with a home exercise program 

Your Exercise Physiologist will go through these exercises with you and modify them, that is make them easier or more difficult depending on your capabilities, to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in being able to perform them. You will then be provided with a handout with your exercises via email as well as access to the "Physitrack" app where you will be able to access your exercise program and view exercise video demonstrating each individual exercise, along with written instructions on how to perform exercises. 

Follow-up consultation

Triskwell follow-up consultation

Follow-up online consultations are one-on-one sessions that occur after you have completed your initial consultation with one of our Exercise Physiologists. This is a paid consultation that can last 30, 45 or 60 minutes. You can select the consultation length that you feel is most appropriate to you and your situation. During your follow-up consultations your Exercise Physiologist will check in on your health and wellbeing check for any potential new aches, pains, injuries, or questions and concerns you may have.

Your prescribed exercises will be reviewed by your Exercise Physiologist and exercises will be adapted to help you achieve your goals. All exercises can be modified, and, or, new exercises can be added to your program to ensure you are making safe and steady progress.

A 30-minute consultation is ideal if you would like your Exercise Physiologist to review your exercises, discuss progression or regression of exercises or discuss minor issues you have been experiencing with exercises. 

A 45-minute consultation is recommended if you are currently experiencing a flare-up or have a new or relapsed physical or mental health condition. This may mean you need your current exercise program to be adjusted or a new exercise program to be created for you. 


A 60-minute consultation is ideal if you have more than two issues or new or relapsed health conditions, if you are experiencing more trouble than usual with your exercise program or you have has a decrease in your physical or mental health condition that have caused you to be less active, feel overwhelmed with exercises or not being able to do exercises anymore. Or perhaps you just want a little more time to work through your program. 

30 Triswell FU
45 Triswell FU
60 Triswell FU

Free catch-up

Catch up

After your initial and follow-up consultation, your Exercise Physiologist will be in touch with you within a week of your last scheduled appointment in order to check on your progress, see how you are travelling and how your exercise program is going. This can be done over email or via a phone call depending on which one you would prefer. 

We offer this service at NO COSTS to you as we believe in continuity of care after your last scheduled appointment.

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