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At Triskwell we will only be collecting data that we need in order to deliver our services. To find out what data we will be collecting you can check our privacy policy here.

To further ensure that your data are protected we have taken several steps

  • We are using an Australian based management software which means your data will be hosted in Australia and all data are encrypted using AES-256 encryption algorithm.

  • Our videoconference software ensures that all video calls are secured end-to-end using AES-256 encryption, including during shared screen mode. We also do not record the consultations for privacy purposes. 

  • All our video and phone calls are conducted by Accredited Exercise Physiologists in a private room to ensure that the content of conversations remains confidential. 

  • At the start of our sessions, we will ask you verification questions in order to ensure that we are speaking with the right person. 

  • If you choose to enter your credit card details to allow for fast and secure payments, these data will be encrypted and no practitioners will have access to them. This means we do not store any of your credit card data on our computers.



Things you may want to consider doing to protect your privacy include


  • Being in a room alone or with people of your choice during the free health assessment and initial and follow-up consultations. 

  • Updating your computer and internet browser software to the latest available version. 

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